About us

We create the best conditions for our customers to increase turnover!

Our Mission

We are a passionate and growing company that aims to make it easier for customers to pay.


Value creation

With our technology, we enable our customers to make big sales.


We remain a pioneer in payment machines due to continuous development.


We are an absolute expert in payment machines. We know the market, technology and people.

Our mission is to provide our customers with financial value as well as continuous efficiency improvements. We succeed in this by offering our customers the latest payment technology as well as extensive IT software.

NG Group Oy is a company that knows the market and meets the needs and expectations of customers and focuses on automation technology. Our operations rely heavily on quality operations, for which we have received praise from our customers. In addition to this, our staff is dedicated to our business!

We have succeeded in developing an extensive and unique system to be able to meet our customers ’demand in the best possible way.