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Our youthful company designs, manufactures and develops payment machines for different needs.
The main focus at the moment is payment machines, which are designed for car wash machines.
With us, you get the payment machine just what you need – ”we will do everything and you can take it easy”.
We invest in quality and professionalism of the work, which ensures a high quality end product.
3D_maksumaattiOur offer covers a wide range of today’s payment machines needs.

Payment Applications have been made by modern development software’s and that is why we will stay ahead of the development easier.

The card reader and pinpad will come from NETS or Verifone, in accordance with the customer’s wishes.

In product development, we take into account the diversity, elegance and real-time requirements.

1. The chip card payment (debit / credit, payment in automat)
The customer can buy a car wash directly in a payment machine (24/7)
Cards: Bank or credit card (all cards)
2. Individual car wash card purchases (the cashier, bar code)
The customer can purchase a single car wash inside from the cashier. The customer receives a barcode in printed receipt, which is displayed on the payment machine bar-code reader.
3. Serial Card (cashier)
The customer can buy a set of car washes in serial card inside the cashier. The card can be loaded with the magnetic stripe reader. You can load different washes (unlimited number of washes)
4. RFID card billing (contract customer)
The customer is given an RFID card (business card size) or a RFID label which is attached to a car windscreen on the inside (driver’s side). The automatic RFID reader reads the card or sticker of about 2 meters distance (adjustable distance shorter than 2m but is this maximum distance).
5. Individual car wash or serial car wash purchase on the Internet
The customer has the option to purchase a single or a series of car washes through the website. The customer receives the 6-digit code via SMS to cell phone and / or e-mail and customer can use car washes in the amount of purchase.
6. Mobile Payment (in progress)
The customer has the option to purchase through a mobile application car washes.
7. Number plate recognition (in progress)
Billing customers can be offered on the grounds of the license plate billing method.
We give you payment machine reliably and effortlessly
Our service process is progressing smoothly and seamlessly on a turnkey basis.
We focus on the fact that the process is hassle-free to the customer, and always keep customer apprised of the progress of work.
We take care of what we promise – both quality and time schedule.

1. Ask for a quote!
The process begins when the customer contact us.
The easiest way to contact us is -> info@maksumaatti.fi or call the number +358 50 337 5262.

2. Negotiation and plan
Figuring out the customer’s needs and plan automatic payment accordingly.
Responsibilities should be handle.

3. The necessary construction work
The customer will receive ”RT-card ’, indicating what kind of preparation works for payment machine to do.
If the customer wishes, we arrange these services through our partners.

4. Installation
Our installers will install the payment machine and test the functionality.
Often, small-scale training will be held at the same visit.
The whole process from beginning to end generally takes 2-3 weeks.

Contact Us – +358 50 337 5262 – nicklas.gronholm@maksumaatti.fi