Payment Methods

Maksumaatti accepts the most common payment methods, Debit / Credit cards, contactless paymments, QR-barcodes and RFID-cards.

These payment methods we accept

Contact us, if you need costomized payment options for your payment machine.

Debit/Credit cards

Maksumaatti accepts most commonly used debit / credit cards in Finland.


Nowadays we develop webstores. From the webstore, it is possible to buy washes as direct debit or as one-time washes.

License plate recognition

Billing customers can be offered a billing method based on the license plate.


Customer can buy a single carwash from cashier. Sales goes through our web application.

RFID billing card

The customer can enter into an agreement with the merchant for a billing customer. The customer is given an RFID card (the size of a debit card)


It is possible to install RFID readable washcards. Usage can be resticted by time or number of washes.

Mobile payment

The customer has the option to purchase car washes on their mobile phone through the mobile app.